BIS Certified Brick Work M Sand


This standard of sand covers the requirements of naturally occurring sands, crushed stone sands and crushed gravel sands used in mortars for construction of masonry works. Sand is crushed into fine aggregates produced from a source material and designed for use in concrete or other specific products. Only source materials with suitable strength, durability and shape characteristics are used. Production generally involves crushing, screening and washing.

Unit: Ton.

Buy 9 Tons at 1380Rs/ Ton

Buy 21 Tons at 1310Rs/ Ton

Buy 31 Tons at 1230Rs/ Ton

* The total weight of the load may vary due to physical conditions and the resulting amount will be adjusted after weighment.

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Buy Brick Work M Sand Online in Bangalore or block work m sand online in Bangalore at best discounts and lowest price . This standard covers the requirements of naturally occurring sands, crushed stone sands and crushed gravel sands used in mortars for internal wall and ceiling plastering, and external plastering using mixes of lime, cement, composite lime-cement, activated lime pozzolana mixture ( ALMP ) or gypsum with or without admixtures and sand. Manufactured Sand with the granule thickness of 0 – 2.36 mm is suitable for all kinds of plastering requirements and is used across all segments such as Independent Houses, Apartments and other Residential & Commercial Projects. was established in the year 2016 with an view to provide one stop solution to all construction needs, this company is powered by Billemane Ventures Pvt. Ltd. a company routed to construction at a strong scale. They provide with a user friendly online store where you can procure the construction materials such as Cement , TMT Rods, Blocks, Light Weight Blocks, Bricks, RMC and so on at best discounts. 

MaterialZ Mart is set to disrupt the construction material supply and distribution industry by streamlining the sourcing and delivery methodology. MaterialZ Mart’s strength lies in its ability to understand the local markets at the grassroots level to optimise pricing and shorten delivery times by means of our robust supply chain management. 

In times of high demand of construction material and the time sensitive nature of civil engineering projects, MaterialZ Mart is placed to promise you the most on time delivery always exceeding your expectations in terms of time and quality. 

MaterialZ Mart is the trusted partner for various large scale infrastructure projects with premium builders and developers. Currently placed in Bangalore and Mysore, we are soon expanding operations to establish in Hyderabad and Chennai.


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9 Tons, 21 Tons, 31 Tons


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