NCL AAC 4 inches

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The NCL AAC light weight blocks differs itself by its durability and fire resistance factors, They are suitable for all  climatic conditions with cost effectiveness and less time construction

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Lightweight concrete NCL AAC blocks 4 inches are highly thermally insulating concrete-based material used for both internal and external construction. Besides AAC’s insulating capability, one of its advantages in construction is its quick and easy installation, because the material can be routed, sanded, or cut to size on site using standard carbon steel power tools. AAC is well suited for urban areas with high rise buildings and those with high temperature variations. Due to its lower density, high rise buildings constructed using AAC require less steel and concrete for structural members. The requirement of mortar for laying of AAC blocks is reduced due to the lower number of joints. Similarly, the material required for rendering is also lower due to the dimensional accuracy of AAC. The increased thermal efficiency of AAC makes it suitable for use in areas with extreme temperatures, as it eliminates the need for separate materials for construction and insulation, leading to faster construction and cost savings.Get NCL AAC blocks 6 inches  NCL aac blocks 8 inches at Materialzmart.


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4 Inches


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