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Construction and Building Materials Price List in Bangalore

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Product Price Range Best Prices
Hollow Blocks Rs.26 – Rs.45 (Per Block) Click Here
Lightweight Concrete Blocks Rs.45 – Rs.105 (Per Block) Click Here
Solid Concrete Blocks Rs.25 – Rs.51 (Per Block) Click Here
Cements Rs.280 – Rs. 330 (Per Bag) Click Here
Boulders Rs.10,000 – Rs.13,000 (Per Load) Click Here
Jelly/ Coarse Aggregates Rs.700 – Rs.800 (Per Ton) Click Here
Size Stone Rs.11,000 – Rs.16,000 (Per Load) Click Here
Red Bricks Rs.6.30 – Rs.7.20 (Per Brick) Click Here
RMC Rs.3,800 – Rs.4,300 (Per Metric Cube) Click Here
M- Sand Rs.800 – Rs.1400 (Per Ton) Click Here
River Sand Rs.2500 – Rs.4000 (Per Ton) Click Here
Steel Rs.47,000 – Rs.61,000 (Per Ton) Click Here
Panels Rs.85 – Rs.110 (Per Sqfr) Click Here

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