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Coromandel Cement

Buy Coromandel Cement online in Bangalore at best price and best rate ,  This Cement is a coupling material which sets to various substances and binds them together.Coromandel Cement price is available in grades of OPC 43, OPC 53 and PPC.OPC 43 grade is a high-quality cement which has a set pace of 43 mpa in 28 days. It is used in plastering,Moulding, construction of pathways and other RCC structures. PPC grade of cement is impenetrable and increases the strength of concrete. It is mostly used for RCC (Reinforced Cement Concrete) works, marine works, construction of dams etc. Buy Coromandel Cement price per bag  online in Bangalore with best-discounted offers only at and also Save on  GST, transportation and unloading

Coromandel SRC is manufactured as per the IS 12330-1988 specification. The Compressive Strengths and Setting Properties are designed to suit the best construction requirements. The Bureau of Indian Standards have specified the use of such Sulphate Resisting Cement for aggressive environments and they specified the maximum limit of 5% C3A in such cements.


Coramandal cement OPC 43


Coramandel cement PPC


Coromandel Cement OPC 53